What Happens Before, During, and After Eyelid Surgery

At Cilento Facial Plastics, patients in the community of Spring, TX and the surrounding area can speak to our professionals about the benefits of undergoing certain cosmetic procedures for facial enhancement.  One procedure that is continually growing in popularity is that of the eyelid lift, or “blepharoplasty.” This procedure makes a dramatic improvement in one’s appearance by addressing excess or sagging skin on the upper and/or lower eyelid to provide a more youthful and rested appearance.

What happens before eyelid surgery?

Prior to undergoing blepharoplasty, Dr. Ben Cilento will first evaluate a patient to determine if they are a good candidate for treatment. This is often done during the initial consultation appointment the patient schedules. Patients speak to their plastic surgeon about the areas of concern and find out if this treatment will provide the results they desire. Other options may be considered or recommended depending on the patient’s specific needs.

What happens during eyelid surgery?

The procedure itself is performed as an outpatient procedure with Dr. Ben Cilento. Patients are performed on while under general anesthesia. After patients are made comfortable, the procedure begins. Dr. Ben Cilento creates incisions right along the creases of the eyelids to reduce the appearance of scarring when the procedure is complete. These incision areas allow him to remove excess skin and tissue that may be interfering with one’s vision. Once complete, the incision is stitched.

What happens after eyelid surgery?

Patients who have undergone any type of surgery need to take time off of work, school, and other activities to ensure that their treatment area heals properly. It is essential that patients follow the post-operative instructions to reduce their risk of developing an infection in the incision area. Patients also schedule a follow-up visit with their surgeon to ensure the area is healing well and the patient has achieved their desired results.

Interested in discussing eyelid surgery with Dr. Ben Cilento?

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