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A facelift or rhytidectomy is an operation that reverses the signs of aging in the jowls, cheeks and neck region. This procedure repositions loose and sagging tissues. 

As we age, we lose certain cells and cell products which cause fine and coarse wrinkles and hyper and hypo-pigmentation associated with aging. When the weaker tissues lose their battle against gravity, wrinkles and sagging begin. Loss of volume and structural support in the tissues cause drooping and sagging.

The soft tissues of the face are not the only areas to experience this degeneration, our bones are also losing volume and changing over time. The effects of this can be seen in cheeks and the chin. While a forehead lift and eyebrow lift only target the top portion of the face, a full face lift targets the cheeks and chin as well.


Kind of Facelift Surgery | Deep Plane Lift vs SMAS Lift

At Cilento Facial Plastics, we perform the standard facelift or SMAS lift, and also the more sophisticated procedure known as the “Deep-Plane” facelift. Both procedures give a more youthful, natural and long-lasting appearance in the neck and jowl region. Deciding which procedure is right for you depends on multiple factors.

The Standard SMAS Lift

The SMAS lift or “standard facelift” is also known as the muscle pulling lift. It recruits the underlying sturdier tissues of the face to help support the skin as it is re draped.

The SMAS (Sub Musculoaponeurotic System) layer of the face separates the deeper facial structures that are not as affected by aging from the superficial structures such as the skin.

Once the skin is lifted, the SMAS is tightened by a series of carefully placed sutures that are designed to take tension off of the skin when it is re draped.

When it was introduced, it was seen as a vast improvement over skin-only methods. Younger patients who need a small amount of improvement in the neck and jowls still use SMAS lift today. It is the underlying procedure in all of the popular “quick lifting” techniques packaged under many names.

The Deep-Plane Facelift

The Deep Plane FaceLift  is the most effective in restoring the midface and nasolabial folds (creases from our nose to the mouth). The fat pads in the cheeks are lifted and repositioned removing facial hollows and restoring the youthful shape to the cheekbones. In addition, since the SMAS layer is connected to the loose muscles of the neck, a deep-plane facelift is also the most effective in creating a smooth neckline.

Unlike the standard facelift where the skin separates from the deeper tissues, the deep-plane technique repositions the tissues of the face as a single unit causing less tissue trauma and faster healing. The deep-plane technique takes place in a plane that naturally exists in our face, so there is less bruising and minimal pain upon completion of this procedure.

Face Lift Gallery

 Please click a before and after photo to enlarge. Photos are of actual Cilento Facial Plastics patients and are shared with permission. ©Cilento Facial Plastics

Am I A Candidate For Facelift?

Underlying health and fitness, skin rejuvenation procedures, facial contour deficiencies, skin drooping, and sagging should all be addressed according to the age of the individual seeking to improve their natural appearance. A consultation is the best way for us to address these concerns.

We do have several non surgical solutions for areas of concern at our medspa Butterfly Medspa & Wellness. We can go over these options in your consultation as well.

Facelift Surgery Expectations

Regardless of the technique used, it is important to understand the goals of a facelift. A face lift should restore a youthful appearance with a natural result. Patients uniformly report feeling younger and looking refreshed without changing who they are. Younger patients can expect the results to last a bit longer. Older patients often experience more dramatic improvement. Facelift incisions hide behind the ears and in natural skin creases. This ensures excellent camouflage, as the incisions typically heal as fine thread-like lines.

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