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Often adolescence comes with insecurities and frustrations about physical appearance, especially when it comes to the nose. Teen Rhinoplasty is a solution for some patients. Teenage Rhinoplasty can help build confidence which will last well into adulthood.

As a father, Dr. Cilento can certainly understand and empathize with a parent’s struggle in deciding what’s best for their child. It is normal and expected to have concerns about whether a teen rhinoplasty is right for a child at this critical juncture in their life.

We take extreme care and precaution with all of our teen rhinoplasty patients. During our consultation we talk about goals and concerns. We want to hear from our patients and their parents and make sure everyone feels comfortable and prepared before we venture further into our teen rhinoplasty journey.

Teenage Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty (commonly known as a nose job) is the number one requested surgical procedure by teenagers. The nose is the primary feature of the face. When teens are self conscious about their nose it can be hard for them to see past it.

Teen Rhinoplasty may be a solution, however we want to take every precaution with your teen, that is why the consultation is so important. We want to fully understand their concerns and desires as well as your concerns and desires as their parent.

Many of Dr. Cilento’s adolescent patients struggle with allergies, sinusitis, nasal obstruction as well as other nasal concerns. If this is also a concern, Dr. Cilento can address this during their consultation as well. He is an experienced facial plastic surgeon and sinus surgeon. He can help with many sinus, snoring and breathing issues as well as change the form of the nose.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Nose Job?

Most teenage girls can get a teen rhinoplasty 1-2 years after their first menstrual period. Typically, most teenage boys can get rhinoplasty surgery by age 16.

Occasionally teens seek a rhinoplasty because of a previous injury. If this is the case with your teen, our first step is to schedule a consultation.

Rhinoplasty Gallery

 Please click a before and after photo to enlarge. Photos are of actual Cilento Facial Plastics patients and are shared with permission. ©Cilento Facial Plastics

What Makes a Teen Rhinoplasty Unique?

First, the growth of the midface and nasal bones needs to be understood and accounted for when planning the surgery. A child’s sinuses will continue to grow during adolescence which expands their face. Their jaw begins to increase in size as well which will change the relative balance of their nasal appearance. The nose changes shape and enlarges along with the face.

A teen rhinoplasty will not be the cure-all to the pains of teenage life. It will, however, improve the nose cosmetically, creating better harmony with other facial features. Generally speaking, This can often help with self-confidence. Following the rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Cilento has seen many of his patient’s blossom. Some patients are getting better grades, expanding their circle of friends and increase maturity thanks to their new appearance that gives them the confidence to excel.

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