What Ethnic Rhinoplasty Can Do For You

Rhinoplasty Houston TX Advancements in cosmetic surgery technology have been able to cater to the individual features and characteristics of one’s ethnicity. At Cilento Facial Plastics, Dr. Ben Cliento has performed an extensive amount of ethnic rhinoplasties (also known as nose jobs) due to his expertise in facial surgery. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specialty of rhinoplasty and was developed to focus on the individual facial characteristics that differentiate various ethnicities.

Why Choose Cliento Facial Plastics

Dr. Ben Cilento has worked and trained with the pioneers of facial plastic surgery. He makes it his goal to cater to the individual ethnicity of the individual in order to deliver the best enhancements that are well suited to one’s facial structure. Dr. Cilento understands the variations amongst his patients whether they be of African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, or Latin heritage.

Who is a candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty?

If you are dissatisfied with the shape or look of your nose, rhinoplasty (ethnic or not) may be an excellent option for you. The first step is to arrange a consultation with Dr. Cilento to determine what your goals and expectations are for getting an ethnic rhinoplasty surgery. You need to find a doctor, like Dr. Cilento, who has tangible experience in ethnic rhinoplasty procedures. The changes and enhancements that would be used on a caucasian nose are not necessarily the same that should be used on a patient of a different ethnicity.

What are the types of ethnic rhinoplasty?

To give an idea of the specifics that differentiate rhinoplasty from ethnic rhinoplasty, here is what you should know. For Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty, patients typically have a pronounced nasal hump, a drooping tip, and a wide round tip. For African American Rhinoplasty, Dr. Cilento addresses common traits such as flared nostrils and a wide and rounded tip. There are specific nose structural aspects that Dr. Cilento will assess for those of Asian, Latino, and other ethnicities as well.

Arrange a consultation

If you are interested in how an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure can enhance your appearance, call Cliento Facial Plastics today. You can reach our office located in Spring, Texas by calling 346-330-2858.