The Top Skills Needed in a Surgeon for Successful Rhinoplasty

Any genuine surgeon will tell you rhinoplasty requires skill and artful technique

Those who aren’t in the know may regard rhinoplasty as a relatively simple procedure.

And in some respects, that’s true. The downtime for a rhinoplasty procedure is short when compared with other types of cosmetic surgery procedures, and for most patients the discomfort associated with the procedure is fairly minimal. However, that doesn’t mean that the procedure itself is easy.

Rhinoplasty involves the extensive reshaping of the cartilage and skin around the nose.

The procedure is as much about medical expertise as it is about artistry and experience. Attention to artistry is important for several different reasons. Not only must the surgeon be able to visualize the way that their reshaping will affect the structure of the nose once it is healed, but they must reshape the nose in such a way as to ensure that it fits well with the surrounding features of the face. Experience with these types of procedures is also crucial, as it is only through repeated rhinoplasty procedures that a surgeon becomes better able to predict the potential outcome of the procedure. That’s why when you are looking to get a rhinoplasty in Houston, you must seek out a surgeon who is not just experienced with cosmetic surgery procedures, but who is specifically experienced with rhinoplasty. Yes, that’s Dr. Ben Cilento.

In short, patients who are looking to have a rhinoplasty procedure must understand just how complex the procedure is so that when they begin their search for a plastic surgeon in Houston, they are careful to choose one that has a proven history of excellence when it comes to rhinoplasty and other forms of cosmetic reshaping. When a patient does choose a doctor that has extensive experience, artistic ability, and a strong medical background to take care of their rhinoplasty, they are almost certain to have a great outcome.

Before choosing a plastic surgeon in Houston, be sure that you have access to an extensive catalogue of that surgeon’s prior work. You’ll find examples in Dr. Ben Cilento’s galleries.

Trust your instincts as you look at photographs to determine how natural the work is, and whether the work seems to suit the patient. Be sure that you are looking at photographs of completely healed rhinoplasty procedures as well, as it can take some time for the swelling to go down and for the nose to develop into its final appearance.