The Benefits of In-Office CT Scans at Cilento Facial Plastics Facility

At the practice of Dr. Ben Cilento, Houston, TX area patients can learn about the many state-of-the-art diagnostics and tools available in the practice, including in-office CT scans at Cilento Facial Plastics.

What is a CT scan?

A CT scan, or “computed tomography” scan, is a specialized device that can be used for diagnostic purposes. These scanners provide accurate 3D x-ray images of the face and body that allows the doctor to diagnose specific issues and develop a personalized treatment plan based on a patient’s specific needs. These high resolution images are done right in the office, eliminating the need for patients to visit the hospital to have them completed. By having an in-office CT scanner, patients can have all their needs addressed under the same roof! This makes evaluations and treatments easier on patients and staff.

Who may require a CT scan?

Oftentimes, Dr. Ben Cilento may recommend a CT scan during the initial evaluation to get an idea of the concerns patients have. This is especially true of patients who are requesting rhinoplasty procedures due to poor nasal breathing. The images allow Dr. Ben Cilento to see the problem at hand, and work with the patient to develop the treatment plan needed to achieve results. The images make it easier for patients to visualize what will be completed during their surgical experience.

How long do CT scans take?

CT scans are fast and efficient. Patients will sit comfortably in the scanner chair while a device rotates around the head. This device then digitizes the images into computer software so the doctor can evaluate the patient quickly and offer an accurate diagnosis of the problem at hand.

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