Microneedle Treatments VS. Dermarollers

After binge-watching YouTube videos to learn about at-home microneedling, you may start to wonder, “Should I buy one of those and try it out?” But, before you do rush to click that button, take a deep breath and come back to reality for a little bit. The internet can sometimes make things look easy, and the person you’re listening to may not mention all of the things taht can go awry. Though microneedling is a great treatment option (and one of our favorites), there are some big differences between at-home microneedling and professional microneedling treatments.

We want beautiful skin, but we’re not willing to risk its safety to get there. Keep reading to learn about microneedling, and some of the biggest differences between at-home treatments and professional treatments.

How do they work?

Both professional and at-home microneedle treatments use small, almost microscopically tiny needles to poke small holes in the surface of the skin. These tiny “wounds” stimulate the skin’s healing response, which is what we’re looking for. This encourages the skin to heal and create more collagen and elastin in the process. The small holes left behind can also allow for deeper penetration of your favorite products, so your skin can absorb beneficial ingredients from your favorite serums better.

Professional microneedle treatments can be combined with other treatments like radiofrequency electrical current or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to boost the results.

What is the difference?

Professional microneedle tools have longer needles than the tools you are able to purchase online or in retail stores. That means we can get deeper into the skin (the dermis layer, to be exact), which also means that professional treatments often offer better results. We can combine microneedle treatments with other treatments to boost your results, which you can’t do at home.

At-home Dermarollers look like fat little wheels covered in small needles. They usually do not go deep enough to boost collagen levels, so the results you get with them may not be as dramatic as you would get with a professional microneedling appointment.

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