Find a Professional Who Specializes in Revision Rhinoplasty

Spring, TX area patients faced with problems such as poor nasal breathing or deformities of the nose may benefit from a procedure known as rhinoplasty. Dr. Ben Cilento of Cilento Facial Plastics is a dedicated plastic surgeon who understands the importance of achieving a beautiful and fully functioning nose. He encourages patients in and around Houston to call his practice to learn more about what can be achieved with plastic surgery.

• Improved nasal breathing – when rhinoplasty is performed, it is often due to poor breathing abilities through the nostrils. Patients may experience swelling, pain, and other problems that can filter into their daily lives. With rhinoplasty, patients can address their compromised breathing by having plastic surgery to reduce or remove the cartilage in the nose to maintain the structure while allowing patients the chance to breathe easier.

• Improved appearance – patients with imperfections of their nose, including bumps on the bridge or lack of symmetry due to birth defects, can speak with Dr. Ben Cilento about rhinoplasty to achieve a more balanced and aesthetic appearance. When patients arrive to the practice for their consultation appointment, they are urged to speak to the doctor about their specific concerns regarding the appearance of their nose.

• Improved self-esteem – patients with irregularities to their nose may feel extremely self-conscious about their appearance. With facial plastic surgery techniques such as the rhinoplasty, both men and women can feel confident once again in their own skin! Patients are pleased with the natural-looking results achieved with a plastic surgeon who is experienced in providing rhinoplasty procedures for proper function or aesthetic purposes.

Understanding revision rhinoplasty

Patients who have been unhappy with past procedures can have what is called “revision rhinoplasty” performed. This should not be done immediately after the past procedure. Instead, patients should wait approximately 18 months before having these changes performed. This allows for the normal healing process to occur. Patients should also understand that revision rhinoplasty costs more than traditional surgery because of the added complexity. This includes working around scar tissue, addressing more difficult post-operative issues, and concerns with a  higher risk of complications. Dr. Ben Cilento is experienced with helping patients with more complicated cases achieve the results they desire in revision rhinoplasty.

Interested in discussing rhinoplasty with a plastic surgeon?

Contact the team at Cilento Facial Plastics today at (346) 300-FACE to discuss your needs with Dr. Ben Cilento. The practice is conveniently located in Spring, TX at 2940 FM 2920, Suite 200.