What to Expect When Seeking a Face Lift in Houston

Facelifts are among the most common type of cosmetic surgery procedure in Houston

However, the vast majority of people still misunderstand them and what they are meant to accomplish. This includes those who have plans to get a face lift. Houston facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Cilento and his team believe that it is critical that all patients understand what the expected outcome of a face lift will actually be in order to determine whether this procedure is right for them.

Understated or Overstated?

The first thing to remember when seeking a facelift in Houston is that you should not expect to end up with a drastic change in your appearance afterwards. A face lift is primarily designed to help you look younger, fresher, better rested, and to help tighten the skin to combat the effects of the loss of elasticity, which occurs naturally with age. With work performed by a highly skilled and highly trained plastic surgeon, it will not be evident to outsiders that you have had any work done at all. In other words, a good facelift from a skilled facial plastic surgeon does not change who you are… It changes how fresh and young you look….

Do You Need More than Just a Face Lift?

Those who are seeking a face lift in Houston should keep this in mind, and remember to work with a cosmetic surgery team that is capable of developing a plan to help them achieve their ideal appearance. A face lift, while a great tool for crafting a younger and better-rested appearance, may need to be combined with other procedures in order to produce the exact effect that one wants. Some common procedures that are complementary to a face lift are blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty or “nose-job”, forehead lift and chin augmentation. The goal of plastic surgery, after all, is to help provide you the best possible appearance as well as an appearance that is completely natural.

Understanding the Outcome

There is no reason to fear that after working with a facial plastic surgeon in Houston, you will end up not looking like yourself. In fact, the team that you choose to work with will ensure that you completely understand what the likely outcome of your procedure will be, as it may vary depending on factors such as your facial structure, any wrinkles or creases that you have, or any loss of collagen or elasticity in your face that you may be experiencing.

So don’t worry about some of the misconceptions you may have heard about face lifts – these are great procedures that can leave you looking and feeling great.