Dr. Ben Cilento Describes What the Rhinoplasty Surgical Procedure Can Achieve

Spring, TX area patients who are interested in addressing imperfections of the nasal area are encouraged to ask a plastic surgeon about procedures such as the rhinoplasty. With elective, cosmetic nose surgeries, patients can improve the balance and harmony of their face while addressing poor shape or alignment of the nose.

What is a rhinoplasty?

Dr. Ben Cilento of Cilento Facial Plastics is pleased to provide patients in the area with solutions for addressing the proportion, size, and overall appearance of the nose. In addition to being an elective, cosmetic procedure, some patients may undergo a rhinoplasty for a different reason: to address structural defects in the nose that can impact one’s ability to breathe properly.

A rhinoplasty procedure can address:

• The size of the nose

• The width of the nose

• The position of the nostrils

• Humps or depression on the bridge of the nose (visible from a profile view)

• Drooping of the nasal tip

• Bulbous or enlarged nasal tip

• The symmetry of the nose for improved balance and harmony

• A deviated septum (obstructed airways that affect breathing)

Who is a candidate for the rhinoplasty procedure?

It is critical for patients to visit their plastic surgeon for a consultation visit to determine if they are a good candidate. Patients should be performing the surgery for themselves and their own self-confidence, not for anyone else or to try to achieve the “ideal image.” Patients who are best for this procedure are adults who are physical healthy, do not smoke cigarettes, and who have realistic goals in mind as to what the rhinoplasty procedure can achieve.

How much does a rhinoplasty procedure cost?

Because the rhinoplasty procedure is highly individualized and is tailored to each patient’s specific needs, it can be difficult do determine the cost without consulting and evaluating a patient in the office. Patients can book their visit with Dr. Ben Cilento to start the process and learn more about the expected cost of treatment.

Consider Cilento Facial Plastics for your next surgical procedure

Call Dr. Ben Cilento’s practice in Spring, Texas by calling (346) 300-FACE to schedule a consultation appointment with our friendly front office team. Learning about procedures such as the rhinoplasty can help patients in determining what treatments are appropriate for achieving the results they desire!