Considering otoplasty?

otoplastyWhen patients are born with a deformity of the external ear, they may have gone through childhood feeling self-conscious about their appearance. They may have dealt with lingering eyes or side talk that made them feel different—but not in a good way. Adult patients who are ready to address these deformities and defects from birth are welcome to book a consultation visit with Cilento Facial Plastics to discuss the benefits of otoplasty, or “ear surgery.”

Why choose otoplasty?

Defects that have occurred to the body at birth may cause patients to feel bad about their appearance or self-conscious about how they look. As they become adults, they realize that certain procedures can be used to address these cosmetic concerns. Otoplasty is a procedure of the external ear that can be used to reconstruct the area or improve a defect or deformed ear. The procedure is individualized for the patient, as no two otoplasty procedures are the same. Patients often choose otoplasty to help them achieve a more attractive ear after years of lacking confidence in their appearance.

Who is a candidate?

Any adult patient who has a deformity or defect of the ear, including those who have experienced trauma, may want to work with a plastic surgeon to find a surgical solution to their desires. The treatment can be used in many different ways. Not only can it address birth defects of the ear, but it can also be used to help pin the ears closer to the head (for patients with outstretched ears) or to repair an ear after having a large piercing in place, such as a tear or stretched skin. During the initial evaluation, Dr. Ben Cilento will determine if an otoplasty is appropriate for the needs of the patient, and decide if they are a candidate.

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