Considerations Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Even though cosmetic surgery might seem like a quick outpatient procedure that takes only a few hours and involves only a couple of cuts here and there, no one who is considering such surgery should ever underestimate the seriousness of it all. Here are several areas to think about before you start that “plastic surgeons in Houston” Web search in preparation for your upcoming cosmetic surgery.

1. The exact name of the procedure and what it entails

You need to go far beyond generic terms such as “nose job” and discover the specific name of the procedure and exactly what it entails. That means taking your time and asking a lot of questions, rather than fearing that you will be perceived as pushy or obnoxious. It’s your body, and you need to be fully informed before someone begins to cut it.

2. The risks, benefits and outcomes of your surgery

Part of your information gathering must include a clear list of risks, benefits and outcomes of your plastic surgery so that you can assemble a comparison chart before you choose someone from the list generated by your “plastic surgeons Houston” search on the Net. Find out about what types of complications result from the surgery that you seek: how often does infection occur? What will the scars look like? What will happen if you are unhappy with the finished product? After vetting the plastic surgeon about risks, define with him/her what you seek to gain from the surgery. Obviously, the gain will be a perceived improvement in a given body part. Whether or not that leads to a more active love life is far beyond the scope of the surgeon. Also, cosmetic surgery can definitely lead to an improved nose, but perhaps not what you think is a “perfect” nose. The goal of any cosmetic surgery is improvement, not perfection.

3. Recovery after surgery

This is an oft-overlooked area of information that must not be neglected. Some procedures require weeks off of work, not hours. Even when the soreness wears off, you might have other restrictions ordered by your surgeon. Find out exactly what the recovery timetable and plan will look like. As part of that post-op period, prepare to deal mentally with the scars that will result from your surgery. Where will they be and how long will they be? Picture your body with those scars before you go into surgery, so that your recovery time will not be clouded by a depression over an unexpectedly unsightly appearance somewhere on your body. Cosmetic surgery does leave scars, and you will need to deal with that reality. You also need to inquire about revision surgery and how often that is needed with the procedure that you are electing.

Cosmetic surgery is no game, not matter how effortlessly celebrities seem to pull it off every year. The key to getting the results you seek and to maintaining a positive frame of mind throughout the process is to ask the right questions and go into the procedure with your eyes wide open and your brain chock full of vital information. Once all of that is done, you can Google “plastic surgeons in Houston” with a clear mind and a willing heart.

Finally, look for plastic surgeons as you plan for your cosmetic surgery, rather than cosmetic surgeons alone. The reason is: plastic surgeons are usually trained and certified, which is not always the case with cosmetic surgeons that advertize their services.