Common Questions about Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery Spring TXEyelid surgery, formally known as blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure used to reduce eyelid rolls, wrinkles, and bagginess. It is particularly popular for those 35 and older or individuals who have a family history of drooping eyelids. It is normally done for cosmetic purposes but is also used to get rid of sagging eyelids that inhibit eyesight.  It is important to know that eyelid surgery is not meant to eliminate crows feet, under eye circles, or other facial wrinkles. Here are common questions that patients ask about eyelid surgery.

What are the risks associated with eyelid surgery?

As with any and all surgeries, there is always a risk involved. For eyelid surgery, those possible complications include: bleeding, infection, dry eyes, inability to fully shut eyes, loss of vision, or a pulled down the lower lash line. These complications are extremely rare, but if you do experience any of them post surgery, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Will my insurance cover eyelid surgery?

As a general rule, insurance companies don’t cover procedures done for cosmetic purposes. But, if you need eyelid surgery for medical reasons (i.e. drooping eyelids are blocking your vision) your insurance might cover it. Be sure you determine this prior to your surgery so there will be no surprises with the cost.

What will recovery be like after eyelid surgery?

After your eyelid procedure, there will be stitches in both lids that will stay there for one week. Prior to your surgery, be sure to give your employer notice that you will need to take about one week off work for recovery purposes. Your eyelids may swell or bruise, which is an expected part of the healing process. Your eyelids should look normal in about two weeks.

How do I prepare for eyelid surgery?

For those considering any cosmetic procedure, it is wise to be in general good health. This will help minimize the chance of complications during and after your surgery. Make sure you arrange to have someone drive you home and stay with you for the night.

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