Chin augmentation procedure FAQs

Chin Augmentation
Patients of Spring, TX who are unhappy with their profile alignment and appearance may find that procedures such as a chin augmentation can help.

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What is a chin augmentation procedure?

Chin augmentation is a special surgical procedure that will increase the projection, height, and shape of the chin. In most situations, a chin augmentation may be achieved with the use of a chin implant that is placed in the area to give a more defined appearance. Other times, certain bones can be moved or grafted to achieve similar results if needed.

Why consider chin augmentation?

Profile appearance is just one reason why a patient may consider the benefits of the chin augmentation procedure. The chin can impact the balance of the face. A small or ill-defined chin can cause the nose to look large and out of proportion. A large chin may cause the nose to look smaller and may be much too noticeable upon first impressions. Patients who are interested in augmenting their chin are welcome to speak to a plastic surgeon about their needs. We provide results that subtle and natural-looking.

Will chin augmentation affect the appearance of the neck?

Dr. Ben Cilento of Cilento Facial Plastics finds that by increasing the chin’s projection and size, the neck may appear more lean, youthful, and angular. Some patients may find that the chin augmentation also reduces or eliminates the appearance of a double chin if excess fat is located in the same area. Tightness and firmness of the skin underneath the jaw is increased as well, ensuring a younger look.

Are there alternatives to a chin implant?

Chin implants are often used in chin augmentation procedures, but patients may also benefit from alternative means of enhancement with bone relocation or grafting. Additionally, minor improvements to the chin may be achieved with special dermal fillers that can be injected in the area to add volume where needed. This is a much less invasive treatment to placing a chin implant and is better for more subtle improvements.

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