Are You Considering a Face Lift to Turn Back Time?

Spring, TX men and women experiencing the unwanted signs of aging, including increased skin laxity and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, can work with the team at Cilento Facial Plastics to improve their appearance. While there are some alternative options available to patients with mild to moderate issues, such as dermal fillers, many of these are temporary and are not suited for those with more severe changes. Instead, patients can speak to Dr. Ben Cilento to determine if they are a great candidate for a surgical face lift.

What is a face lift?

Also known as a rhytidectomy, a face lift is a surgical, cosmetic procedure that is used to achieve a more youthful appearance. This is done by reshaping the face with the removal of excess skin and tightening it before using stitches to complete the process. In addition to lifting the face, it can help ease drooping in other areas such as the forehead, cheeks, and eyes. Some patients choose to have a face lift performed with other treatments at the same time to reduce cost and healing time associated with multiple procedures.

The face lift procedure is an outpatient procedure that is performed by our experienced doctor. During this treatment, which may take anywhere from two to five hours depending on the areas being treated, the surgeon will use an incision around the hair or ear to lift the skin. Excess skin may be removed before the skin is sutured in the hair line to reduce the appearance of scarring. Sometimes, patients will combine a neck lift with their face lift procedure, during which a small incision may also be made underneath the chin to tighten these deeper tissues as well.

Call Cilento Facial Plastics today for an evaluation

Determining if a face lift is right for you starts with a consultation appointment with Dr. Ben Cilento of Spring, TX. Patients can ask questions about the procedure, discuss the expected cost of treatment, and find out if they are an appropriate candidate. Call the practice at (346) 300-FACE to speak to the front office team to schedule your first visit.