Answers to Common Questions about Blepharoplasty

Also commonly known in Houston as eyelid surgery

Though blepharoplasty is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery procedures, most people don’t know blepharoplasty by its proper name.

However, most people have heard of eyelid rejuvenation, which can be performed on either the upper or the lower eyelid, or both. Blepharoplasty is one of the best ways to quickly and naturally rejuvenate one’s appearance. The procedure itself is very non-invasive, has a much lower downtime than other types of cosmetic surgeries, and can be performed either alone or as a complement to other types of facial cosmetic procedures.

However, it’s a misconception that a patient must wait until they elect to have a facelift to have an eyelid rejuvenation performed. In fact, many individuals will find that they are candidates for eyelid rejuvenation long before they have visible enough signs of aging for a full facelift procedure. An eyelid rejuvenation can offer a patient a quick, easy, and affordable way to look and feel much more rested and relaxed at all times.

Eyelid Surgery Instead of a Facelift

Any patients who find that they have significant enough worry lines or sagging around the eyes for an eyelid rejuvenation, but who are not in need of a full facelift, should contact Dr. Ben Cilento for more information on the blepharoplasty procedure and what it can offer them.

Don’t let age stop you from making the call, either – many patients who choose blepharoplasty of the lower lid are as young as their mid-thirties. The procedure is optimal for those who are just beginning to exhibit sagging around the eyes which may not make them look significantly older, but that does contribute to a tired or exhausted appearance.

Patients who feel that this procedure may be right for them should remember when seeking out a cosmetic surgeon in Houston to find one who will pay particular care to creating a natural and rested appearance with the procedure. Naturally, we recommend you speak with Dr. Ben Cilento.

Remember – the end result of a blepharoplasty is not to subtract many years from the appearance, as is the case with other procedures. It is simply to make you look like a better rested and rejuvenated version of yourself. That is, the best version of you possible. That makes this a great option for people of all ages when they are seeking out cosmetic surgery.