Some Words Of Caution About Bargain Plastic Surgery – Part 1

How do specialist cosmetic surgeons in your region and the country monitor the industry outside of normal ‘set practices’?

In every aspect of medicine, privately funded societies are put together that represent a vanguard of each particular specialty. These societies generally set standards, administer tests and bestow Board Certification on its members. There are usually several societies for a given specialty, and as long as they adhere to certain standards of quality and ethics; they are seen as equal. Because plastic surgery is a very diverse field with many new emerging specialties based on areas of concern, there are several societies which make up the bulk of Board Certifications for each area.

For the head and neck region, the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, and the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and its equivalent board are the main organizations overseeing plastic surgery of the head and neck. While a board certification doesn’t guarantee competency, it is much harder for a physician with lesser skills to slip through the cracks with today’s maintenance procedures and rigorous qualifying standards. You are much more likely to get superior facial plastic surgery from a board-certified physician.

With everything, you have just said as a Cosmetic Surgery in Houston, how it is possible for someone to get into this kind of situation? Don’t we have enough education in the USA for years?

With all that said, a person can still fall prey to charlatans in the USA if they are looking for a ‘bargain’ facial plastic surgery – even in cosmetic surgery in Houston – these charlatans are often on the move. I am not by any means suggesting a Houston cosmetic surgeon in Houston is going to be the best. In many situations, these charlatans charge extremely high fees as a tool to lure clients. However, overlooking a lack of qualifications just to get a bargain price is a recipe for disaster. No matter what the price, always check the person’s qualifications, look at their ‘before and afters’, and ask about how long they have been practicing, how many face lifts, rhinoplasties, or liposuction they have done, and look on line for patient reviews at sites like AVVO, or

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