The Magic of Facelifts

Facelift Spring TXFacelifts, or Facial Rejuvenation, addresses the loss of volume and structural support that result from facial aging. This loss of support and volume are due to the fact that we will naturally age every year. Eventually, weaker tissues will succumb to gravity and create skin alterations and wrinkles as well has hyper and hypopigmentation. While the soft tissues in the skin degenerate over time, the bones in our face can lose volume and structure as well. The result is a loss of structure in the cheeks and chin. Read on to learn if you are the right candidate for a facelift and how it can benefit your appearance.

The right candidate

If you are seeking to improve the look of your skin, a facelift might be for you. Your fitness level, general health, and age are all taken into consideration. Generally, adults in their 20’s and 30’s seek out injectable or topical products to address skin aging. For those in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s preventive and age reversing procedures may be of benefit. For those beyond 70, more individualized care and assessment is needed depending on your goals and skin health.

Facelift history

A facelift is used to diminish the signs of aging that occur in the cheeks, jowls, and neck areas by addressing loose or sagging skin. Over time, the facelift has evolved to include more individualized procedures beyond skin tightening. Dr. Cilento performs the “Deep Plane” lift and the standard facelift (SMS lift). Both procedures provide a more youthful and smooth appearance that is long lasting and natural looking.

Facelift expectations

If you get a facelift at a younger age, your results may last slightly longer than others who get the procedure done at a more advanced age. Regardless of age, a facelift can restore youth and smooth the skin in a natural manner. Patients across the board report that getting a facelift improved their confidence and helped them feel more poised and attractive. Recovery from a facelift procedure takes about 2 weeks, but keep in mind that incisions will continue to heal for a few weeks after.

Schedule a consultation

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