What your Teen should Know about Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty Spring TXNose jobs (rhinoplasty) are a common cosmetic surgery procedure among American adults. But did you know they are also the most common cosmetic surgery procedure for teens? Any cosmetic surgery is a big deal and should be carefully considered, particularly if you are a teenager. Here is what your teen needs to know about nose jobs.

They need to be the right age

Teenagers should not get a nose job until their nose has fully developed. For teen girls, this is around 15-16 years of age. For teen boys, it is usually a year or two later.

A nose job can range from simple to complex

There is a wide range of nose job procedures. Depending on your teen’s specific facial structure and desires, the procedure will vary. When done correctly by an experienced plastic surgeon, a nose job can make an impactful difference in the way individual looks.

Types of nose job procedures include: removing a hump on the nose, adjusting the nose tip, making the nose smaller or larger, enhancing breathing passages, fixing a nose injury, changing the nostril size, or adjusting the bridge. Some people may require a nose job to fix an injury or birth defect while others elect to get the surgery done for strictly aesthetic purposes.

What are the risks?

Any surgery, cosmetic or not, has inherent risks. For a nose job, these include numbness, nosebleeds, scarring, rupturing of small blood vessels, swelling, nerve damage, or needing an additional operation.

It is important for your teen to have an appointment with their parent and the doctor to discuss the risks and benefits of getting a nose job. During this consultation, the doctor will take the time to discuss how the procedure works, potential problems, and how a nose job can enhance your teen’s overall look. This meeting will also help determine if the teen is mature enough to handle plastic surgery. If your teen thinks that getting a nose job will magically make them more popular, they are not being realistic and should probably wait a few years before they get the surgery.

Schedule a consultation

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