The Cost of a Nose Job in Houston

A Nose Job is a Commonly Used Term to Describe a Rhinoplasty Procedure

A nose job also tends to imply a rhinoplasty procedure for more cosmetic reasons. If you are considering a nose job in Houston, then you are certainly interested in what you should be expecting to pay. By understanding more about the rhinoplasty procedure you are looking for, you’ll have a better general idea of cost.

Working Out the Cost of Your Nose Job in Houston

According to the RealSelf website, the average cost of a nose job in Houston is currently $7,250 matching the average across the nation. The figure changes quite rapidly and did several times while putting this post together.

It is important to understand that this price is only an average and does not indicate the complexity of the rhinoplasty procedures for that price. What it does indicate is the average cost for the nose jobs procedures performed by a large enough sample of Houston plastic surgeons and Houston facial plastic surgeons over a specific period of time based on user reviews.


$8,000-$10,000 A Realistic Cost to Prepare for Your Nose Job in Houston

The average cost of a nose job in Houston as calculated by the RealSelf website is a fairly genuine figure. However, it’s highly likely the majority of those rhinoplasty procedures were for minor cosmetic improvements. If you are looking for more information you can dig deeper into the results by reading each user review. Because rhinoplasty procedures vary greatly in terms of complexity and duration, the cost of the procedure varies greatly as well. It’s safe to put a round figure on a nose job in Houston at somewhere between $8,000-$10,000 if you include all the hidden costs, such as, recovery time you might need off work.

Comparing the Cost of a Nose Job in Houston to Other U.S. Cities

Variations in the average price of a nose job based on city, state or region are indicative of the most commonly performed procedures in that region. We can see this is the case through the RealSelf website once again. In general, a standard cosmetic rhinoplasty from a well trained facial plastic surgeon will have the most moderate surgeon’s fee.

Comparing the Cost of Nose Job Procedure Types in Houston and Other U.S. Cities

Rhinoplasty procedures have been given all kinds of names, some more creative than others. These “types”, as they are often described, are more descriptive than they are an actual procedure. The most common references to nose jobs for purely cosmetic reasons include:

  • Reduction Rhinoplasty – where the nose size is decreased
  • Augmentation Rhinoplasty – where the nose size in increased
  • Ethnic Rhinoplasty – where ethnic characteristics are changed

These descriptions of rhinoplasty “types” are often associated with nose jobs and the implied meaning that the motivation behind having the procedure is to improve appearance. Generally speaking, the cost is well reflected in the RealSelf website. In summary, the cost of each nose job in Houston will be different because each procedure is different.

More Costly Rhinoplasty Procedures

More extensive rhinoplasty procedures, often required after trauma for example, will be more involved and more costly. One category of rhinoplasty often overlooked is revision rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty is secondary rhinoplasty designed to repair both form and function of a nose that has previously been operated on. Revision rhinoplasty begins to increase in cost as the number of revisions and the complexity of the procedure increases. Anesthesia costs and implants or products used during the surgery are added to the cost of the surgery for the final amount. Repairing a bad nose job can get quite expensive.

Other Factors Influencing the Cost of a Nose Job in Houston

Like many things in life, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Even in the world of aesthetic facial surgery, doctors and specialists are bound by ethical codes. Good facial plastic surgeons take the decision to operate very seriously. A number of consultations might be required.

“It is important for you as the patient to understand that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ surgical result. Nowhere is this more evident than in rhinoplasty. As a patient, you should be very skeptical of any surgeon that promises perfection or treats the outcome as a foregone conclusion. In skilled hands there is an excellent chance of success, however, rhinoplasty is one surgery in which there is an element of unpredictability. This is why the postoperative period is so critical, a time when the patient must adhere carefully to a strict regimen.” Dr. Ben Cilento

Comparing the Value to the Cost of a Nose Job in Houston

Results are more important that the cost of your nose job in Houston. Because the nose is so central to the appearance of the face, dramatic improvements in appearance and self esteem are achieved through rhinoplasty. Overall, rhinoplasty is one of the more affordable and ultimately most life changing procedures that facial plastic surgeons perform.

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