How can I fix a misshaped or slit earlobe?

Earlobes are more important than you may think!

They may seem like a strange little tag of skin on the side of the head but they are important for personal interaction as an erogenous zone, displaying of jewelry, cosmesis and an indicator of youth and aging.

Because the earlobe is so multi purposed it is susceptible to many type of injury.

The most common type of injury is from wearing earrings. Prolonged use of earrings, traumatic removal of earrings or deliberate earlobe stretching can all cause unsightly earlobe injury. These common injuries are all easily fixed in a minor in-office procedure that takes about 15 minutes to perform. If the patients earlobe qualifies for this type of reconstructions they should expect very little pain and only local anesthesia during the process.

The sutures are removed in three to four days and the wound remains taped for an additional week. Most reconstructions cost approximately $500.00 (check with office after your evaluation for actual costs). Repiercing of the ear can be performed at 6 weeks after reconstruction at no additional cost with common post-piercing care instructions followed. The patient is expected to provide the earrings but the recommendation is for simple steel post stud erring design for ease of post placement care.

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